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I hate target! - Target Sucks

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August 7th, 2013

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08:53 pm - I hate target!
I've been working for target for a little over 9 months. I'm a cashier but I've been trying to switch to sales floor for some time now. However, since we are in high demand for cashiers and no one wants to be a cashier, I'm stuck in the position. As a cashier we are told that we have many important jobs to serve our guests but the only thing ETLs/GSTLs seem to care about is how many red cards we get. I understand how the red card benefits target and what not but if someone doesn't want a damn card they don't want it!!! I would like to see an ETL come cashier for 8 hours and ask every single guest who comes through the line to apply for a card. It sucks and it's frustrating. They even have the GSA and GSTLs come stand at the end of our lanes to listen and see if we are asking every guest. If not we get called into the office to talk about the red card and role play to make sure we are presenting it right. Seriously? I've started to hate working here so much that I dread coming to work every day and I debate calling in all the time. They try and act like they actually care about us as TMs but they only congratulate us if we get a redcard or only come talk to us if they think we need training about it. Our expectation is to get a redcard every 4 hours but even if we work a 4.5 hour shift we're still expected to get two. Whenever I'm at work I'm always doing something. If we're slow in the front I ask to go zone or to help soft lines because they're always backed up. They even ask me to go do pulls sometimes. Funny thing is I only get recognized whenever I get a redcard even though I'm always helping out other departments and going well beyond my job duties. I really hope they start realizing the great TMs we have because before long they're going to quit too.

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