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Red Cards is all they care about in Texas is it that way at all stores??? - Target Sucks

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June 18th, 2013

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01:16 am - Red Cards is all they care about in Texas is it that way at all stores???
I am a cashier at a store in Dallas Texas suburb and all they do at our store is harass us to get people to apply for Target credit or debit cards if you don't get at least one a day you get called in to the office for a "talk" at the end of the shift they ask "what can we do to help you get more Red Card application"....there is nothing they or I can do all you can do is ask if people don't want them they don't want them what else can you do and stressing out you cashiers to the point they call in sick or quit because they can't take the stress anymore is inhumane they don't care how you do your job just if you get credit cards. Even if you do get in the "green" as they call it all you get is more b/s why can't you get more application and stay there no good job just harassment. Plus what is in it for the cashier nothing no matter what you do nothing is good enough for these people,bet someone in the company or store get a big bonus or they would not be making a big deal about it, we had a higher up from corp come in last week and I was standing there and the first thing she said was what is your credit card conversion rate not how happy are your guest. The guests complain all the time how they are sick of being asked over and over again I tell them call corporate office and complain because all of the cashiers are sick of having to ask we are forced to we have no choice.

What is wrong with management at Target, they tell us to get people to apply does not matter if they are not approved do they not realize that by applying and getting turned down it lowers your credit score even more and what is the point if they don't get approved Target will not be making money on the credit card interest if they don't get the card all they care about is the conversion rate plain and simple not the guest or the employee. Do the math they offer 5% off every purchase but you pay over 22% interest on the card does not seem to be such a good deal to me at all.

This is just a part time job for most of us not a career we were hired as cashiers and while they say asking people to apply for the card is part of our job fine I ask everyone I check out but being harassed (taken into the office after every shift for this one thing never mind have over 94% store for transaction that does not matter) and degraded to get application is wrong and it has gotten worse and worse every week and they wonder why people quit that is why you don't pay enough ($8 hr) to deal with all the b/s and stress.

Fast, Fun, Friendly they say....with their current attitude on this topic its not its a nightmare and will be forced to quit like many others very soon its not worth it being stressed and unhappy all the time at work, can get the same pay ($8 hr btw they gave me a big 5 cent raise thanks for nothing btw) or more pay other places and not have pimping a credit card being my priority.
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