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weekend from hell... - Target Sucks

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March 24th, 2008

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04:55 pm - weekend from hell...
I don't know about everyone else, but i clocked in at 4pm saturday and already regretted it.  I worked 4 to 11 in electronics.

we had a morning person from 8 to 4, and a mid from whatever till 5, who didnt do anything in terms of zone or reshop.  one of them is our new electronics specialist whom i hate because he doesnt do anything and does not know what he is doing at all.  I had a full cart of reshop and the zone was horrid by the time i got there.

we had 5 people closing in hardlines, but one of those people was only there till 7:30 and just did reshop.  the store was so busy it was almost just as bad as around christmas.  I've been at this store for over three years and easter was never this bad before.    i didnt even get a chance to start on my zone until about 9pm.  we had a team lead and two lod's take care of ad.  they didnt even scan it, they just took it down.  by the end of the night i didnt even finish my zone (mmb, electronics, travel, home improvement, toys, sporting goods) and i had two full carts of reshop.  we as a store had like 5 or 6 carts of reshop total.

to put it into perspective, our usual goal has probably been around 70 - 90k maybe on a saturday.  our goal was 140k and we were about 10k off.

to make things worse, i worked today (just got out) from 8 - 4 as a cashier.  I HATE cashiering soooo much, you have no idea.  Easter stuff went 50% off, and it wasnt in the system until about 12:30 so we had to manually change everything to 50% off, and there were some big orders coming through of easter crap.  It was even worse because i got drunk with my friends last night, went home and stayed up till 4ish? and woke up at 7:30.

I hate how commercialized holidays are now.

anyhow, I got 1 redcard, 2 surveys and an esp today!  won free starbucks. 

and finally, is the 11pm cut off the same for everyone?  to try and save money, they turn the lights off and all that.  this saturday, i was still there after 11 because i wasnt wearing a watch and everybody had left but nobody said anything to me about it so i had to hurry up and leave and luckily the gstl was still there.
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