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Ode to the Target Guests :P - Target Sucks

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September 14th, 2007

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12:48 am - Ode to the Target Guests :P
I posted this on Targetslaves too. I am sorry for my second long post but I had some things happen over the past week that have given me a real need to vent and it's helpful to vent somewhere that people can relate to what I am saying. So this is what I say to the Guests and all of the frustration that goes along with it:

I realize that when you come into a store and you are dealing with someone who works in Retail, particularly a cashier, you think that we are all uneducated and beneath you. I wonder what makes you think this? Some of us are working our way through college. Not everyone has the benefit of going to school full time and getting everything handed to them. I would like to point out that while you sit at a desk all day and type on a keyboard, we stand on our feet for around 7 hours a day and we have to deal with you people. We have to put up with those of you who don’t bother to take a bath before you come to the store, we have to deal with those of you who ate an extreme amount of onions for lunch or dinner, we have to deal with you talking on your cell phone and not paying us in a timely fashion, we have to deal with you being impatient with the lines, we have to deal with your coupons, working on holidays, nights, weekends and your endless nonsense over a freaking fifty cent price discrepancy. I also would like to add that if you bring us $100 worth of merchandise and you only have $50, there is a problem with that and it isn’t with our attitudes.

You are not better than us just because we work in retail. I at least take a shower and put on clean clothes before I go to the store. I cannot express to you how disgusting it is to have someone come through your line who seems like they haven’t bathed all weekend. I cannot express to you how frustrating it is when your child is SCREAMING at the top of their lungs because they want a toy, and here’s the kicker…you buy it for them rather than say no. You complain about the bathrooms being a mess, here’s an idea don’t throw paper towels all over the floor, don’t defecate on the floor, don’t urinate on the floor or the toilet seat, and don’t throw paper towels in the toilet. Do you act this way at home? If so I would hate to see your bathroom, that is nasty. Do you know who has to clean that stuff up? The employees do because oddly enough the magic fairies don’t come out and do it for us. After you do all of this and we have to shut the bathroom down to clean it, don’t get angry at us, we didn’t make the mess.

If you see an incorrect tag on the shelf or you pick up the one item that is in the wrong place, don’t get angry at us and act as if we did it on purpose. The customers leave items all over the store when they change their minds. When you think an item is $2.45 and it rings up $2.55, suck it up and pay the damn ten cents. I have been in retail a long time and I can assure that you make the holidays miserable for everyone of us. This is a capitalist nation and I am thankful to the consumer for all they do for the economy and making it possible for me to pay my bills but do you have to be so hateful to us? Especially around Christmas? Remember that we are the ones working. We have to work long hours and be away from our families to service you, don’t go out of your way to take out your frustration on us. I don’t even like Christmas anymore, everyone is so caught up in the gifts that they lose sight of what is really meant to be celebrated. I cannot believe how miserable people are around Christmas. Your attitude makes us miserable. You wonder why we act the way that we do? How can we be happy and excited when you are being hateful to us? 












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Date:September 29th, 2007 03:36 am (UTC)


I went to Target today to return or purchase another type of vacuum. I received the vacuum as one of my gifts from my bridal registry. The item was on the registry, hence I received it, but the cashier did not scan it off of the registry so when I returned it I was told that I had no proof of purchase. All I wanted was to exchange it for another one or get a gift card to purchase another one. The lady behind the service desk had called a phone number that ended up in frickin INDIA. I talked to that lady and she said no way that is policy. I kept explaining that it was on my registry and how is it my fault that it was not taken off as received. I was also returning some items because I had received duplicates so I was not trying to scam anyone here. I then asked for her supervisor, who was also in INDIA and he said the same thing. He told me that he could file a complaint for me and I told him to put in there that neither I nor a family member would ever shop at Target again due to their piss poor customer service and customer satisfaction. The vacuum was $29.99 plus tax for God's sake. What ever happened to "the customer is always right" I then proceed to tell him to put that if I had purchased this from Wal-Mart, I could probably get cash back. He said I can not comment on that. Since I will never shop at Target again, I will also never refer the registry either. So in the end I have to ask the person who bought me the gift for the receipt. That is frickin insane!
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Date:October 1st, 2007 05:41 am (UTC)

Re: Returns

I am sorry that your gift giver did not present the Registry at checkout to the Cashier. We are not mind readers, you know. No offense to you but people like to throw around that "the customer is always right" but it has been my experience that the customer is usually wrong. Why is it when people get mad at Target that they sing Wal-Marts praises? We don't typically assume that you are trying to scam us but once again I'd like to point out that we DON'T make the policies. The person that bought you the gift should have given you a gift receipt. How is it bad customer service? Because you couldn't get your way? That seems awfully immature to me. Were they mean to you? Did anyone yell at you?
Most companies outsource their help lines, we have to talk to the same hard to understand people. An item being on your registry doesn't prove purchase. We don't use those as proof of purchase anymore. They put a stop to that a couple of months ago. You would need a gift receipt or an original receipt. I realize this is not what you want to hear but that is Target policy. I am not sure of Wal-Mart's return policy as I don't work there and have never worked there.
You may be a wonderful Guest to Target. My post was fairly general. I know that what I have said in there is true to every retail establishment I have ever worked at.

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