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Target AP - Target Sucks

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April 7th, 2007

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01:20 pm - Target AP
I've been working on the sales floor for about two years now at my store and there was a position open for an AP job.  I'm not sure what the actuall title is but it's the one where you stand by the entrance to the store, and go around to electronics and take 'counts' and all that.  is that just AP? or is it TPS?.

Anyhow, I applied for the position and I have an interview on Tuesday I think.   What should I know coming into this interview or what kind of things should I expect?

I'm kinda nervous about it because I've been doing Sales Floor for so long, that AP seems like there is going to be a lot of stuff to remember and a lot of new things to learn.  Also, we just got a new AP ETL and shes kinda "ghetto" and straight forward and otherwise just intimidates me.  

Anyhow, wish me luck b/c I want to say goodbye to working sales floor

P.S.  what is the usual pay rate for the position i applied for?

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