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April 16th, 2014

06:49 am - Electronics Issues
So, I worked a 15 hour shift the other day, literally from open to close. This was due to a rather egregious oversight by management. I work in electronics, so the shift is rather... hectic. All day. This being a Saturday, it's especially bad. I'm about an hour into my shift when I'm told that there's only a single cashier at the registers... in an express lane. I check the schedule on my PDA to realize that the only people scheduled to work today were myself, one person in the backroom, three LOD's throughout the day, and a grand total of two cashiers. ALL day. one from open to noon, and one from 4:00pm to close. Backroom guy can't ring people up, so I ask the LOD what the plan is. They end up running the register during the lapse, and have me zone ALL of the sales floor. by myself. They end up getting upset at closing, because softlines is a wreck (I'm not trained on softlines yet, having only been with Target for a month) I was operator, and the only person on the sales floor. On one of the craziest days I've been here. They do NOT pay me enough for this bull. I guess my real question is... does this sort of thing happen often with Target, or am I just lucky? And more than that, can they DO that? I know that the SINGLE lunch and no 15 minute breaks they gave me was wrong, because after 11 hours I'm supposed to get a second lunch. The really sad part is, I still managed to get grocery (specifically snacks) better zoned that night than I've ever seen it before, not to mention the rest of hardlines that looked absolutely pristine, and I still manage to get my *** chewed within an inch of quitting my job at the end of the night. No "thanks for staying all day, man!" no "You covered that really well" not even a "good job." No, they manage to find something to yell at me over, then keep me almost an hour late just chewing me out, in stead of helping me finish up softlines and get out of there. Oh, and did I mention this whole exchange happened *RIGHT* after I clocked out for the night?
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August 7th, 2013

08:53 pm - I hate target!
I've been working for target for a little over 9 months. I'm a cashier but I've been trying to switch to sales floor for some time now. However, since we are in high demand for cashiers and no one wants to be a cashier, I'm stuck in the position. As a cashier we are told that we have many important jobs to serve our guests but the only thing ETLs/GSTLs seem to care about is how many red cards we get. I understand how the red card benefits target and what not but if someone doesn't want a damn card they don't want it!!! I would like to see an ETL come cashier for 8 hours and ask every single guest who comes through the line to apply for a card. It sucks and it's frustrating. They even have the GSA and GSTLs come stand at the end of our lanes to listen and see if we are asking every guest. If not we get called into the office to talk about the red card and role play to make sure we are presenting it right. Seriously? I've started to hate working here so much that I dread coming to work every day and I debate calling in all the time. They try and act like they actually care about us as TMs but they only congratulate us if we get a redcard or only come talk to us if they think we need training about it. Our expectation is to get a redcard every 4 hours but even if we work a 4.5 hour shift we're still expected to get two. Whenever I'm at work I'm always doing something. If we're slow in the front I ask to go zone or to help soft lines because they're always backed up. They even ask me to go do pulls sometimes. Funny thing is I only get recognized whenever I get a redcard even though I'm always helping out other departments and going well beyond my job duties. I really hope they start realizing the great TMs we have because before long they're going to quit too.

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June 18th, 2013

01:16 am - Red Cards is all they care about in Texas is it that way at all stores???
I am a cashier at a store in Dallas Texas suburb and all they do at our store is harass us to get people to apply for Target credit or debit cards if you don't get at least one a day you get called in to the office for a "talk" at the end of the shift they ask "what can we do to help you get more Red Card application"....there is nothing they or I can do all you can do is ask if people don't want them they don't want them what else can you do and stressing out you cashiers to the point they call in sick or quit because they can't take the stress anymore is inhumane they don't care how you do your job just if you get credit cards. Even if you do get in the "green" as they call it all you get is more b/s why can't you get more application and stay there no good job just harassment. Plus what is in it for the cashier nothing no matter what you do nothing is good enough for these people,bet someone in the company or store get a big bonus or they would not be making a big deal about it, we had a higher up from corp come in last week and I was standing there and the first thing she said was what is your credit card conversion rate not how happy are your guest. The guests complain all the time how they are sick of being asked over and over again I tell them call corporate office and complain because all of the cashiers are sick of having to ask we are forced to we have no choice.

What is wrong with management at Target, they tell us to get people to apply does not matter if they are not approved do they not realize that by applying and getting turned down it lowers your credit score even more and what is the point if they don't get approved Target will not be making money on the credit card interest if they don't get the card all they care about is the conversion rate plain and simple not the guest or the employee. Do the math they offer 5% off every purchase but you pay over 22% interest on the card does not seem to be such a good deal to me at all.

This is just a part time job for most of us not a career we were hired as cashiers and while they say asking people to apply for the card is part of our job fine I ask everyone I check out but being harassed (taken into the office after every shift for this one thing never mind have over 94% store for transaction that does not matter) and degraded to get application is wrong and it has gotten worse and worse every week and they wonder why people quit that is why you don't pay enough ($8 hr) to deal with all the b/s and stress.

Fast, Fun, Friendly they say....with their current attitude on this topic its not its a nightmare and will be forced to quit like many others very soon its not worth it being stressed and unhappy all the time at work, can get the same pay ($8 hr btw they gave me a big 5 cent raise thanks for nothing btw) or more pay other places and not have pimping a credit card being my priority.
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March 27th, 2013

03:28 am - Dating policies
I just recently start working at target (here in canada) since january the store it self opens in one week for the grand opening, Anyways I was wondering what the dating policies are if anyone knows I like this girl who works in a different department then I do, she is single and we also managed to get passed the friend barrier anyone help me out here?

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November 9th, 2012

Aimee Hanna
05:19 pm - Ohhhh, Target!

Anyone ready for Black Friday?!

Does anyone know if it's legal for Target to force someone to work 11+ hours? It's not me. Just multiple Team Members are scheduled to work so many hours and they are not happy about it.

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August 2nd, 2010

01:46 am - The Daily Rant



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01:43 am - The Daily Rant
So..whose tired of trying for miracles...
miracles as in zoning the entire store with about ehhhh' 2 people per say..
not including soft lines, or electronic team members...

two people as in one person from grocery and one person from hardlines...

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March 16th, 2010

03:17 pm - Any chance?
How would a team member become higher on the todom poll ... as in a LOD or a Team Leader?

I am currently a Team Member. Never made it to a "Team Member Hero" or anything special.

I enjoy the retail side of Target but find myself sometime getting overwhelmed having a zone time limit while having to assist customers, back up cashier, doing pulls, answering phones - all while trying to complete my zone in time (sometimes do not make it).

To become more than a team member what do i need to do?

All in all i am trying to decided if i should put my "career outlook" into Target.

Thanks in advance!

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July 24th, 2009

05:16 am - this is bad ass
finally finding people that are just as miserable working as me. wounder if this is grounds for termination
Current Location: San antonio TX Store 1785

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May 15th, 2009

10:31 pm
Anyone worked clerical or cash office before? What were the hours like for you and what are the duties?
I started at Target almost two months ago as a cashier/guest service and one of my GSTLs (love her) and a co-worker (that gave up the clerical position) have suggested that I apply for the clerical position at my store when they make it available. They both have recommended me.
I would much prefer one of those positions, I think.

Also, getting one redcard per shift...FML. No one is interested.

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September 5th, 2008

02:38 am
anyone in this community work at target 606 in bremerton, WA?  I'm visiting family in poulsbro and stopped by to see what the place looked like and pick up some things.  my normal store is 2015 in gaines township / kentwood, michigan

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June 21st, 2008

12:06 am - The TL everyone hates...

There's a TL that works at my Target who everyone hates. Heck, I even think he hates himself at this point. Something just seems...off about him. He pick one of the cashiers and pretty much rides on them all night. He plays favorites and dissappears for a little over an hour with no sort of indication that he left. I heard he tried to transfer but the higher-ups wouldn't let him because he was a horrible TL. He tends to lurk around me and he abhors ringing up people. He'll just call for someone from softlines, rather than hop on himself. It's not enough to make me call that hotline but it is enough to annoy the pitters outta me.

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June 13th, 2008

01:19 am
Well, I have been a good little Target slave for a while, but for the last couple months, things have finally just gotten to be too much.

I have been working in the Produce department for a year now, working like my life depended on because I wanted some money and the hope of that nice raise. In that time of working there, I have seen so many things that just make me think, "Why would one of the most sought after companies act like this?" - then it hits me: Because its Target.

I never thought these Target hate groups were legit, they always seemed like that one person had a bad day... Now that I have seen what these people have talked about, I have come to realization that the complaints are true.

Lets start with my position. The other TM's that I work with are probably the only reason why I stay. Each of them have a great character that would be hard to part with. Some are some very good friends to me. Again, these guys are the only reason why I come back day after day. Enough with the sap, the work is grueling. We in produce are trained to do ALL the work around us. Our ETL's really do believe we can handle other area's work on top of ours. Let me say that it is a load of bull that they make us do EVERYTHING, and what, for the extra $0.25 from the other starting pay for other food areas? I work bakery, deli, meat, grocery on occasions, dairy (zoning), and Food Avenue - all without a single penny raise. Hell, they even cashier trained us so they can use us for backup, when they are specifically told not to. During the day, we get called out to do meaningless tasks because someone didn't show for work, but I always press that we cant because our dept is more active than dairy - thats why we are told to stay on the floor all the time... They dont care - its going to get carts, cover for a lunch, whatever they feel like. Then, since my schedule is jacked up and I cant stay longer due to running over, I get yelled at by my boss because a few little things were not completed. He doesn't accept the answer I give, and says that I need to tell off the ETL's - yah right. I think the last one I got yelled at was because our truck never came when we closed - it came sometime around 11pm, so all of produce was gone - then got yelled at some more because the overnight team put our bananas in the meat coolers - so they are ruined.

We just had a visit from regional, and this was the day after the truck never came, so the dept looked a little on the down side due to not having product. I can see why my TL was mad, but there was nothing I could do unless he payed me OT to stay and work nights, which I wouldnt mind.

That brings me to my TL - he is nice, whenever things are done to his liking. He is contradictory to himself some days, which is okay when it is in our favor. He cant order correctly, he orders too much of some things, too little of other things - This is due to the fact that he does not close like I do, he does not know what sells in the busy times of the day. He is only mornings, so he only sees what goes out in the morning. He needs to ask us what we see going out fast, what he can order less of, but no - he teaches someone in Deli to order for us who has only worked there for a few days. Great... Oh, he tried to call me and the other closer so that we could meet him at Target to discuss that close with no truck. We both didn't answer, I for sure was not coming into Target to get yelled at for something out of my control. I dont even know if he knows that the truck came after our shifts. We left a note stating that no truck had arrived, and that we were leaving. He blew past this note and started saying we did all these things that really didnt happen (just to make an argument) and that we should have been on the floor filling and such - WITH WHAT PRODUCT!? Sure, asking CIHYFS was fun all day, getting bitched at because we had no mangoes, and doing all the ETL's jobs that night, but he has nowhere to say that we should have been filling with no product...

Whats next, oh yes, some other people have said that Target doesnt fire people because of the paper work... so true. We had one guy that I witnessed destroy company property, take 4-5 breaks a day on a 6 hour shift, eat product, etc... I reported it to AP and my TL - what did they do? Nothing. This guy was with us for almost 2 years, I had had it. He ended up not showing up for work without notice, and they still didnt fire him after 5 no call no shows... That was bull.

Okay, our ETL's... They are nice people, I do give them that, they just make you do their job. I fill in for lunches when they are supposed to. I fill out paperwork for incoming trucks because they are supposed to, but do not know how to. They do not know anything about our dept, so asking them a question is out of the question - except for our Senior ETL, he knows just about everything in the store. He is probably the only other decent one, including one of our other food ETL's... The rest try to bribe you with food and such to extend your shift, come in early, do their work, etc... Its crazy. They do, however, talk to us and get things right. They are good for going to get a problem fixed that is not about a specific thing in our dept. Again, they are good people, they just cant help us much.

Our GSTL's are the most fun... oh boy are they something else. They must hire the rude ones for this position. They are on the cashiers for ANYTHING. It is crazy, they hound you down if you talk to anyone but our "guests," which is stupid. Its more fun when they venture off into other depts and start complaining about something to you, trying to talk to you like you are 2. I am glad I do not cashier, and I do not know how the cashiers can keep up with that. Just recently, I tried to obtain a recall slip notice from one of the GSTL's and her answer was "I do not have time to be printing off slips all day, you need to do that yourself" - Funny thing is, we cant. I was handed one slip by a GSTL and our TL lost it, then put that product out on the shelves. I went back to get another one, after pulling that product off the shelf, and that was the answer I got. I went to talk to an LOD about it, they too couldnt get one, they said to talk to our GSTL, I said I did that and got that comment back from her, the LOD just said that I needed to wait. This is stupid, I have salmonella infested canteloupe and they tell me to wait on holding it. I just wrote a note and the box that said that they were bad - guess what, found them back out of the shelf. I pulled them, then got told that I needed to have them out unless a notice was posted. Again - to the GSTL, they shrugged me off. I just threw the things away.

I guess being a trainer has its perks here and there. I get looked to for advice, I get to do some neat things, but I get bashed for being in a higher position. I get told that I get looked up to, which although is nice to hear, somehow constitutes his arguments for being more valid, for meaning more. My TL sees something wrong, he goes to me, saying this is wrong, he wants explanations, then somehow the conversation gets to how to team looks up to me and that I set a model for the dept - which is bull, I get worked like the rest of the TM's, but I just have to do more, which lands me in more hot water.

Lets go to our raises... yes, the best thing of the year. I received an "outstanding" review, which put me in the top category for raises... $0.40 - yay, a year of hard work, and I get the MOST from the dept - a whole $0.40 - I feel bad for the rest of the guys, some didn't get raises, yet work just as hard as I do.

That brings me to the next point - This is a good thing for some people, but this really ticks me off. I get credit for other peoples work. When something looks great, I am already looked to as the source. They congratulate me, saying that the dept looks amazing and such... Did they forget that the rest of my team was there that night? I guess so, I am still getting praise about how I know what needs to be done and such. Any time he would say that, say the apple table looks great, and I knew I didnt work apples that night, I would give credit where due. He would make a small comment like "Well he is catching on very quickly!" - the guy he was talking about has been doing the same grade of work for almost 5 months, he has always been a great worker, and just now is he getting some recognition, but not even good recognition - its that he is finally catching on to what the dept needs to look like. Then, he goes on to tell me that he wouldnt be the worker he is, but you trained him - which I did, but how hard is it to stack apples?

Alright, other departments need to get it through their head that we leave when we do because we work like there is no tomorrow. I get so many complaints from other departments, like softlines and green side... They are like "I wish I could leave at 9:45pm like you, its not fair you know - we have to zone all day and go for backup. You just have to stock salads and oranges... Nice, she failed to mention: Culling, cleaning, filling every little spot, cutting fruit, keeping logs to date of organic produce, backstocking the cooler, keeping dates recorded on every box of product in the cooler, pulling trucks, taking trash back, etc... sure, it doesnt sound hard, but you try doing it for a while... it gets frustrating.

So, yes - Target is a nice store to shop at, I like shopping there because it looks better... But the amount of suffering that goes on in that store is sad, makes me sick to see some of the things that go on. I only see what I see, I can only imagine what other depts take, but I know that some of the other depts see what we see, and they tell us we have the harder side of the job. Nice to know that we get a whole quarter more an hour starting pay...

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June 11th, 2008

11:06 am
I was a teamlead at target for about 9 months creating a total lifespan of my target career to be approx 3 years... I experienced some of the worst treatment by my etls and the STL, so i've decided to write a book exposing it all... I would like to collect stories from former or even current employees of the bullseye community, regarding corruption, prejudice and them forcing other out the store(s)... We all know it's there and i think that it's time that we shared our side of the story...

If you would to contribute please e-mail me your story at


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May 25th, 2008

08:10 am
 At my Target, the cashiers are treated like crap. Some days, we get yelled at for taking a breath without letting them know. On top of that, when other workers come up and buy things, they take their time. They know we have a timer but they don't care. I see them sitting around or chatting and laughing and I just get miffed. On top of that, most of the cashiers that have been hired lately have either quit or just not bothered to show up. I overheard a conversation with one of the sales floor tms where one was saying that she was happy she didn't know how to ring and crap like that.

Then one day, I had to leave early because someone had scheduled me overtime...seriously, they had gotten so happy with my schedule that they went over. Then I was about to leave and a girl from softlines came in all huffy and looked at me about to punch out.

SG=softlines girl

SG: Whoa, where do you think you're going?
Me: I have to go or I'll get overtime.
SG: It's not fair! Cashiers get to leave by ten but us at softlines can't leave until like 12! They always call us up to ring when they need backup too!
Me: It wasn't my idea. I don't write my own schedule!
SG: Still, it really sucks. It would be nice if we coule leave early but most of softlines is minors and blah, blah, blah.

So, she goes on to gloat about how she has taken a week off for prom.


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May 18th, 2008

10:38 am - 6 month review of Target
Target is not a complicated job, but at least at mine, you'll work hard.  For little pay.  I've been there for 6 months, working the 4am shift (starting at 4 in the morning).  I help unload the truck and then stock shelves before the store opens, and since I was dumb enough to actually learn how to unload the baler, I get stuck doing the trash a lot of the time, sometimes hours after my shift is supposed to end.  My bosses go between being complete dicks to almost-nice people, but you never know what day they'll do what.  For some reason, I have other tasks that nobody else does, like for example while everyone else is assigned one pallet of stock at a time to take out to the floor, I am told a lot of times that "I need you to take out these 3, these two back here, and then push these papers towels out and bring the backstock back here" or something like that.  When I'm out on the floor, the the managers act like spies; they act more like wardens.  I'll open a box with my boxcutter and look up to find where it goes, and some guy always walks around the corner like, "Why are you just standing there?!"  I'm not!  I'm just reading the shelf information so I can put the stuff on the shelf!  But they think they've always caught you goofing off.  I'm in school, and I work usually 4-8 and then I have to be at school as early as 10, but for some reason they want me to always do the trash at 7:55, and the store opens at 8, and the trash will usually take a couple of hours to finish...so, doing the math, I will at least be there until about 10, which is when my classes start.  So, eventually, I guess they finally got the hint that I wasn't going to miss class, so they quit handing me the keys.  There is one guy there who has a heavy Caribbean accent to the point where nobody can understand what he's saying, which makes it hard to give instructions.  So we usually get chewed out by him for not following instructions.  Go figure.  But yesterday I got suspended for cussing him out.  Back to the extra tasks that I haven't ever seen anybody else doing, when we have too much to stock, we sometimes need more space than what the backroom can hold, so we sometimes have to put stock in other places.  Well, yesterday, being that I am used to putting stock in more than one place as I just explained, the manager that I cussed out started yelling at me about common sense, and he wouldn't hear me out or accept my apology, so I dropped the F-Bomb and walked off.  Suspended indefinitely.
    Besides that, while I was asked to stay late in the past, when I needed to swap a shift to finish a final project for school, I was denied.  When I would complain about things on the job, managers would just walk off while I was talking.  Managers would try to make breaks as late as possible so that when we finished break, we would have to stay later.  They schedule less, but ask for more.  They are jerks at 4 in the morning.  No headphones (keep in mind that we work 4 hours before the customers get there), constant disrespect (not 100 percent of the time, but enough), managers don't communicate well with one another (I've had managers contradict each other when giving us instructions, and I get caught in the crossfire), ridiculous deadlines...just goes on and on.  I have had jobs making much more than what I make at Target, but  those were temp jobs that didn't last.  There was a guy that was scheduled for at least 9 days straight.  That's not going to kill you, but that sucks, regardless.  Everybody deserves a day off after at least 7 days.  But since my housing is provided by school, I'm not too sad about the suspension.  But I do have a few bills, but I've been looking for something else as far as work goes.  I'm by no means perfect, and I've been at far more demanding jobs where I've been chewed out for making mistakes.  But those were mostly times where I could not argue, and I had rent to pay.  But now I have less bills, but more of a temper, it seems like.  And that guy has been ASKING to get cussed out.  We've filed joint complaints on this guy's behavior, and he's still there, but the nicer manager who honestly was a bit of a pushover got fired.  But this jerk keeps his job.

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March 24th, 2008

04:55 pm - weekend from hell...
I don't know about everyone else, but i clocked in at 4pm saturday and already regretted it.  I worked 4 to 11 in electronics.

we had a morning person from 8 to 4, and a mid from whatever till 5, who didnt do anything in terms of zone or reshop.  one of them is our new electronics specialist whom i hate because he doesnt do anything and does not know what he is doing at all.  I had a full cart of reshop and the zone was horrid by the time i got there.

we had 5 people closing in hardlines, but one of those people was only there till 7:30 and just did reshop.  the store was so busy it was almost just as bad as around christmas.  I've been at this store for over three years and easter was never this bad before.    i didnt even get a chance to start on my zone until about 9pm.  we had a team lead and two lod's take care of ad.  they didnt even scan it, they just took it down.  by the end of the night i didnt even finish my zone (mmb, electronics, travel, home improvement, toys, sporting goods) and i had two full carts of reshop.  we as a store had like 5 or 6 carts of reshop total.

to put it into perspective, our usual goal has probably been around 70 - 90k maybe on a saturday.  our goal was 140k and we were about 10k off.

to make things worse, i worked today (just got out) from 8 - 4 as a cashier.  I HATE cashiering soooo much, you have no idea.  Easter stuff went 50% off, and it wasnt in the system until about 12:30 so we had to manually change everything to 50% off, and there were some big orders coming through of easter crap.  It was even worse because i got drunk with my friends last night, went home and stayed up till 4ish? and woke up at 7:30.

I hate how commercialized holidays are now.

anyhow, I got 1 redcard, 2 surveys and an esp today!  won free starbucks. 

and finally, is the 11pm cut off the same for everyone?  to try and save money, they turn the lights off and all that.  this saturday, i was still there after 11 because i wasnt wearing a watch and everybody had left but nobody said anything to me about it so i had to hurry up and leave and luckily the gstl was still there.
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December 22nd, 2007

05:07 am - Almost Over.
My fellow team members and I refer to this time of year as a** h*** season.  Luckily, there are only a few more days left, and we're free! I'm stocking up my liquor cabinet as I write.
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December 18th, 2007

01:58 am

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October 1st, 2007

09:22 am - Some days, I hate people.
Rant directed towards customers...

STOP emptying my full cart of Softlines foreign onto nearby racks and stealing my cart while I am on break. This is the third time this has happened to me lately... despite the fact that the section they steal said cart from is about 10 steps away from the AVAILABLE CARTS. What takes more effort? Emptying a full cart of clothing and taking the cart, or walking a short ways to find one that isn't in use? Hmmm.

Also, I understand kids get fussy, but if they can't stop screaming then remove them from the store. You are disturbing EVERYONE. No one wants to hear your brat's ear-shattering shrieking over not getting a toy.
Moreover, if I can hear them screaming on the complete opposite side of the store, you deserve to be thrown out.


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01:24 am - "No complaints on how I worked, that they loved me there..."
 This was one LOD's saying to me. Turned out to be total BS!!!!

What happened was that during the firsy day of my training, some guest had complained about me and my "Hygiene!" I do not have bad hygeine. I thought it was some pissy guest with 'tude problems. Yeah, well, i got called in to the .... not GSTL, not LOD,  the higher up than that, office. It obviously went on my record, the complaint.  Well, last Wendsday, this guest came by again. And again, another complaint!  :(
This time I had to chat with one of the LODs in the bosses office. There was another LOD in there as a "Witness" i guess. 

Well, this past Friday, the 28th, at least a week before I got my second payday, I was called in right when it was my time to checkout for the night. Well, again, there was another complaint. I had to check out that guest earlier tonight. Well, the LOD was in the office, this time with the GSTL. And they terminated me. >:( They actually friggin' did it.... And all over staggered-althrough-my-employment-but-obviosuly-fake-reports!! Never once did they invesigate wether or not this guest was talking out of their ***!!!! I seriously think they fired me over something worse that they didn't tell me. Because while I had to talk to them about it, don't see why as they obviosuly had their minds all made up, they were actually glaring at me with hate and rage more severe then for a simple termination over hygiene or whatnot! I can't, for the life of me figure out what, because I did as if there was anything else said or done than the "hygiene" Fiasco. And they didn't tell me. If it was something that severe that they looked ready to strangle me, then what could it have been and if it was about stealing or anything, why didn't they call AP on me or anything?   

I seriously think they planned on firing me anyways, because last week, they hired a new cashier (Which was where I was working) And one of the cashiers, who was my trainer on my first day there, left Tuesaday back to Staples, because I overheard him talking and he said he was going to get his old job back. Then there was the matter that I started feeling uneasy at work for no reason. 

And Tuesday, at the end of the day, one of my supieors had me zone a section. And she asked me, like I was 2, "Do you how to Zone?" 

I was insulted and replied, 'Yes I do." I start zoning and she starts telling me how to zone, as if she ignored me when I said yes! needless, I didn't get upset or sass her, I just did what she put me to do.  Then later, she puts me in another zone to zone. And I am zoning, then she comes by with another worker. I hear her telling him, "I need someone that knows what they are doing." Acutally, hearing that hurt alot! And I am not exaggerating when those words were coming back to haunt me all of the way down the week! I'd be fixing Endcaps and stuff then I'd rember, "I need someone that knows what they are doing." It hurt, but i didn't let on at all. 

About the 10th, my glasses, as I was checking people out, fell off and broke. Not shattered, but then lens popped out. it happened just as the GSTL came by to relieve me for my break or lunch. I am ducked down, close to the floor. "Hold on," i said polietely. "My glasses just broke." 

"Can you see?" he asked. 

I kid you not! And hearing those worse wasn't the most mortifying part of it, either! It was the tone in his voice, a tone of morbid fascination! In the handbook for Target, it says not to ask a guest if they can or cannot function with or without apparatusus. I guess that rule concerned guests and not Team Members! I walked away for my break, feeling uncomfortable and like I could sink into the floor and never come out again! 

Well the day before my Axing, the GSTL gave me a look like like he wanted to strangle to heck out of me and throw me through one of the dry walls! I cant figure out why. I was doing my work and not mucking around. I got so jarred from that look, that I had to act like I was walking down from my register to patrol for guests that wnated to cehck their gear out. I stood away for a bit until I calmed down. And I managed to snag a guest for my register.  

And then, the day after was when I got Axed. 
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September 14th, 2007

12:48 am - Ode to the Target Guests :P
I posted this on Targetslaves too. I am sorry for my second long post but I had some things happen over the past week that have given me a real need to vent and it's helpful to vent somewhere that people can relate to what I am saying. So this is what I say to the Guests and all of the frustration that goes along with it:

I realize that when you come into a store and you are dealing with someone who works in Retail, particularly a cashier, you think that we are all uneducated and beneath you. I wonder what makes you think this? Some of us are working our way through college. Not everyone has the benefit of going to school full time and getting everything handed to them. I would like to point out that while you sit at a desk all day and type on a keyboard, we stand on our feet for around 7 hours a day and we have to deal with you people. We have to put up with those of you who don’t bother to take a bath before you come to the store, we have to deal with those of you who ate an extreme amount of onions for lunch or dinner, we have to deal with you talking on your cell phone and not paying us in a timely fashion, we have to deal with you being impatient with the lines, we have to deal with your coupons, working on holidays, nights, weekends and your endless nonsense over a freaking fifty cent price discrepancy. I also would like to add that if you bring us $100 worth of merchandise and you only have $50, there is a problem with that and it isn’t with our attitudes.

You are not better than us just because we work in retail. I at least take a shower and put on clean clothes before I go to the store. I cannot express to you how disgusting it is to have someone come through your line who seems like they haven’t bathed all weekend. I cannot express to you how frustrating it is when your child is SCREAMING at the top of their lungs because they want a toy, and here’s the kicker…you buy it for them rather than say no. You complain about the bathrooms being a mess, here’s an idea don’t throw paper towels all over the floor, don’t defecate on the floor, don’t urinate on the floor or the toilet seat, and don’t throw paper towels in the toilet. Do you act this way at home? If so I would hate to see your bathroom, that is nasty. Do you know who has to clean that stuff up? The employees do because oddly enough the magic fairies don’t come out and do it for us. After you do all of this and we have to shut the bathroom down to clean it, don’t get angry at us, we didn’t make the mess.

If you see an incorrect tag on the shelf or you pick up the one item that is in the wrong place, don’t get angry at us and act as if we did it on purpose. The customers leave items all over the store when they change their minds. When you think an item is $2.45 and it rings up $2.55, suck it up and pay the damn ten cents. I have been in retail a long time and I can assure that you make the holidays miserable for everyone of us. This is a capitalist nation and I am thankful to the consumer for all they do for the economy and making it possible for me to pay my bills but do you have to be so hateful to us? Especially around Christmas? Remember that we are the ones working. We have to work long hours and be away from our families to service you, don’t go out of your way to take out your frustration on us. I don’t even like Christmas anymore, everyone is so caught up in the gifts that they lose sight of what is really meant to be celebrated. I cannot believe how miserable people are around Christmas. Your attitude makes us miserable. You wonder why we act the way that we do? How can we be happy and excited when you are being hateful to us? 












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September 12th, 2007

01:03 am - I just have to get this out...I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

I work at a Target store in my area. I have read the comments posted on various websites and I have a question, why is it that grown people think it is Targets fault that you can't keep up with your receipt? Why is it so difficult for people to request a gift receipt when they purchase a gift? How much do you THINK the Team Members at the Guest Service Desk make? Not enough to put up with all the drama and nonsense that they do, these people for the most part make less than $7.00 an hour. How much would you care? And by the way, we DON'T care that you worked in retail 20 years ago, don't tell us. Times have changed, I have been in retail for 10 years, and in ten years time I have noticed that it ALWAYS manages to be some employees fault that you can't keep up with YOUR stuff. You Guests are always so quick to tell us what we can and can't do for you...when did you start working at Target? I've been on other websites today and read some other comments, I would like to point out that when you have had an item for longer than 90 days and it has a warranty on it, that is actually your responsibility to call the manufacture not ours. The American public has gotten the idea that everything should be done for them. You say you want customer service, what you want is for us to do everything for you and have absolutely no policy at all. Do you understand how quickly technology changes? Three months is actually a very reasonable amount of time to return items to the store. You think we can wave a magic wand and make the computer accept your return, we can't. If you have made too many no receipt returns in a year, there isn't anything we can do for you, Corporate office will not give us an override for that. We are able to look up your receipt if you paid by Check, Credit, or Debit. You guys will also be real pissed if you have to make any kind of no receipt exchanges this year because the limit has dropped to $20. To the person who said that you can only get store credit with a gift receipt, what would you like us to do? Give you cash back? We don't know how the item was purchased or if it was even purchased (no offense). You say the managers are rude, do you know how many people like you we have to deal with everyday? People who are trying to get over with some old, broken item? You as a Guest should accept some responsibility for your own affairs. It is not Targets obligation to you to make sure that you keep up with your own stuff. If you have had it for 6 months and it breaks, just replace it and quit your belly aching. We DON'T make the policies, we just work there.

Let me share some else with you, if you wonder why we are always in a hurry and the cashier seems to rush you...that would be because we are trying to get the Guests in and out. The cashiers are scored on how quickly they can check you out and they are held accountable for you being slow. If you are paying with a Debit or Credit Card, just go and swipe the damn card. When you are paying with a Check, first of all, join the rest of us in 2007 and get a Debit Card, second if you don't have the money for it to come directly out your account, you shouldn't be buying it anyways and last but not least, if you MUST pay by check, have it ready to go so that we can all move on with our lives. You shouldn't hold the line up for that. If you are paying with Cash, have your money ready, stop digging in the bottom of that damn suitcase purse you carry for a quarter! Remember that when the lines are long over the Holidays and you are holding the line at any store that you go to...and you want Target to be the "bad guy" but FYI no store wants you holding up the line for that nonsense, the other customers/guests want you hurry up too so they can go home or wherever they are going. And don't get mad at us when it is 10 PM and we are closed and we want you buy your items and go. Some stores have to have the closing team stay and fold all the clothes that you left all over the place and pick up all the sh*t that your bad a** little kids threw all over the place. Can't you just look at the shirt on top of the pile and then neatly get the size you need? Why is it necessary to pull off every size and look at it, the same color and style, they all look the same people. It’s not rocket science but we aren’t the ones who need to be told that. I have worked cashier and I can assure you that those people do not get paid enough for everything they have to do!

I am not saying that Target is so wonderful or anything, to be honest I think they have some major issues....but the guests don't make it any better. We don't get paid enough to do all we do and to put up with everything we do.
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April 7th, 2007

01:20 pm - Target AP
I've been working on the sales floor for about two years now at my store and there was a position open for an AP job.  I'm not sure what the actuall title is but it's the one where you stand by the entrance to the store, and go around to electronics and take 'counts' and all that.  is that just AP? or is it TPS?.

Anyhow, I applied for the position and I have an interview on Tuesday I think.   What should I know coming into this interview or what kind of things should I expect?

I'm kinda nervous about it because I've been doing Sales Floor for so long, that AP seems like there is going to be a lot of stuff to remember and a lot of new things to learn.  Also, we just got a new AP ETL and shes kinda "ghetto" and straight forward and otherwise just intimidates me.  

Anyhow, wish me luck b/c I want to say goodbye to working sales floor

P.S.  what is the usual pay rate for the position i applied for?

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June 13th, 2006

08:07 pm
Hey, I recently started working at Target merely as a part time summer job in between college semesters. I really don't mind what hours I have to work, since my home life actually kind of sucks, but holy crap, I have worked in retail before and also have had office jobs where I've gotten much better pay and have been treated much better! Unfortunately my area is hard pressed for jobs so I am stuck there, especially since I'm only working there for a month and a half. For those of you who have been there for a year or more, how do you do it?!

I mean, I've only been there for 4 days so far but I already see how they try to work you to death for such low pay, I mean come on, $6.75 an hour (they refused to give me the .25 more per hour that I wanted)? And it's like they don't even care if I'm there. I show up and everyone is so surprised to see me, and wonder if I'm training today. Guess how that makes ME feel? Not needed or important. Not good to do to your employees, they won't care about their job! And I work in Electronics...now, I have knowledge to some extent of Electronics, but 1. I don't care about electronics 2. I don't have massive knowledge about all of the specs of every single product. And to even fill my brain half full of all of that info, I feel like I should be getting paid a lot more to be some sort of specialist. The people who hired me assumed that because I worked at a Coconuts for a year and a half, FIVE years ago, I must know everything. They don't realize I hated that job and you could get away with murder in that store. And the training for that department is piss-poor. I hardly know how to answer any question a customer has about any product besides iPods and videogame consoles, and not a single soul I work with in that dept has much more knowledge than I do.

And the Target cards? HAHAHA HAHAHA hahahaha. For $6.75 an hour I really don't care if customers sign up for the stupid thing. I love how it annoys people who work there that I only ask people who make purchases of $50+.

There are many other things that I already see as completely asinine. God forbid I can't get reshop done in 3 minutes. Same with not being able to ask the 15 customers perusing the aisles, "Can I help you find something?" And I don't even WANT to ask them because of my lack of electronics knowledge. Oh and it's nice that the TL runs off for 15 minutes with the only walkie we have and then a customer needs help and I can't find him or call him. Customers being stupid though, I already expected that. It's almost like I'm playing a race with Target over whether I will quit or be fired before my 90 days is up! It's too bad, I wanted a job I could work at when I come home from college breaks and it looks like I'm SOL with this one (I just simply refuse to waste more than a month and a half there).

Also, it's really nice that they expect me to cover about half the store despite that they hired me specifically as sales floor in Electronics. Fast, fun and friendly MY ASS.

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June 8th, 2006

02:08 pm
I am so majorly annoyed with my Target store right now (#2015):

Yesterday was actually kind of funny though.  One of the GSTL's used the last GSTL breakout sheet without photocopying it.   I told the GSTL how much of an expert I am in Excel and she asked me to make her a new and improved better looking one.  So for about an half hour, I was on one of the computers in the office making up a new breakout sheet.  I'd post what it looks like if i had a copy on me.  But it is a lot better than the original.

Whew...Sorry about that.  I just had to let off some steam.  I close again tonight (for the 13th day in a row).   I work Hardlines, Electronics, Softlines, Operator / Fitting rooms, Cashier, Guest service, and cart attendant.
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February 22nd, 2006

08:44 pm
Hi I'm new here. My name is Angela and I work at guest service. Same store at Foomis. ^_^

I had two hispanic ladies come in today and want to do a no receipt return. The item was $17.99. Without a receipt they could only do an exchange for the item. I told them they had to go back to the same department and get ONE item from $17.99 or greater value...

Hours later, they return with THREE items that didn't equal $17.99. I told them it had to be ONE item. She asked if she could just pay the difference, y'know, except for the fact I would be oweing her $1.47 and I told her I can't give her any money. I'm not allowed to owe her anything. She said it was okay, to go on with it. See this is the point where I get frustrated. *sigh* So, I call my LOD Janelle up and explained to her what was going on and she tells the guests exactly what I had just told them. They keep saying that they've never had to give up their driver's licenses before and they got money back before. IDIOTS!

Okay, now the guests get pissed off and wants the number of Janelle's manager and my manager. "Ma'am, Janelle IS my manager." So we give her our ETL-GS's number.

The guests walk off saying we've been distrimatory against them. Bullshit.

God, I love my job...
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February 9th, 2006

12:53 pm
You know the guest surveys that the guests take and then somewhere they post the results at the store to see what we are doing right or wrong.

In this one post:

This woman was talking about how she wanted to buy a shirt (XL i think) that was on clearance for an amount. She said that there was an item the exact same color and style but a different size (L?) that was a cheaper clearance price.

The very last thing she said in the survey was that she felt it was 'discrimination against people of a larger size'.

I usually check these on the way in to punch in every day I work to see what is going on.

When i saw that survey, I rofl'd

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October 13th, 2005

02:16 pm - relationships @ target
in relation to my last post;

Does anyone here have a significant other that works @ target either the same store or a different one? Or does anyone have any one at their store that are going out?

Does it cause any problems?

my girlfriend and I met from working at target. we are both sales floor so its not like one of us is a higher rank. Like everyone in the store knows that we are going out; even the gstls. Nobody really has a problem with it as long as we are not 'romantic' on the sales floor or while we are working. It's even adding to the 'fun' of working there because people are always joking with us about it. but sometimes it is annoying; this TL Jim, who is like the stereotypical guy always makes jokes about it. but thats really the only annoying thing.

maybe they are cutting our hours because of our relationship?

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02:09 pm
I'm so sick of my Target store.

We've been open for about 3 months. In the beginning, things were slow and we barely got any hours. Now things have started to pick up and we were actually starting to go above our wanted sales for each day; and people started getting more hours.

Now we are meeting our sales fiqures and yet once again today; I got the same old call on the phone:

"Hi, Jason, this is Courtney from Target. I just wanted to let you know that we don't need you to come in tonight. thanks."

It doesnt help that they are only giving me about 10-15 hours in the first place ( when i'm asking for 20-25).

It always seems like they are cutting only mine and my girlfriends hours.


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