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Electronics Issues - Target Sucks

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April 16th, 2014

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06:49 am - Electronics Issues
So, I worked a 15 hour shift the other day, literally from open to close. This was due to a rather egregious oversight by management. I work in electronics, so the shift is rather... hectic. All day. This being a Saturday, it's especially bad. I'm about an hour into my shift when I'm told that there's only a single cashier at the registers... in an express lane. I check the schedule on my PDA to realize that the only people scheduled to work today were myself, one person in the backroom, three LOD's throughout the day, and a grand total of two cashiers. ALL day. one from open to noon, and one from 4:00pm to close. Backroom guy can't ring people up, so I ask the LOD what the plan is. They end up running the register during the lapse, and have me zone ALL of the sales floor. by myself. They end up getting upset at closing, because softlines is a wreck (I'm not trained on softlines yet, having only been with Target for a month) I was operator, and the only person on the sales floor. On one of the craziest days I've been here. They do NOT pay me enough for this bull. I guess my real question is... does this sort of thing happen often with Target, or am I just lucky? And more than that, can they DO that? I know that the SINGLE lunch and no 15 minute breaks they gave me was wrong, because after 11 hours I'm supposed to get a second lunch. The really sad part is, I still managed to get grocery (specifically snacks) better zoned that night than I've ever seen it before, not to mention the rest of hardlines that looked absolutely pristine, and I still manage to get my *** chewed within an inch of quitting my job at the end of the night. No "thanks for staying all day, man!" no "You covered that really well" not even a "good job." No, they manage to find something to yell at me over, then keep me almost an hour late just chewing me out, in stead of helping me finish up softlines and get out of there. Oh, and did I mention this whole exchange happened *RIGHT* after I clocked out for the night?
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