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Well, I have been a good little Target slave for a while, but for the… - Target Sucks

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June 13th, 2008

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01:19 am
Well, I have been a good little Target slave for a while, but for the last couple months, things have finally just gotten to be too much.

I have been working in the Produce department for a year now, working like my life depended on because I wanted some money and the hope of that nice raise. In that time of working there, I have seen so many things that just make me think, "Why would one of the most sought after companies act like this?" - then it hits me: Because its Target.

I never thought these Target hate groups were legit, they always seemed like that one person had a bad day... Now that I have seen what these people have talked about, I have come to realization that the complaints are true.

Lets start with my position. The other TM's that I work with are probably the only reason why I stay. Each of them have a great character that would be hard to part with. Some are some very good friends to me. Again, these guys are the only reason why I come back day after day. Enough with the sap, the work is grueling. We in produce are trained to do ALL the work around us. Our ETL's really do believe we can handle other area's work on top of ours. Let me say that it is a load of bull that they make us do EVERYTHING, and what, for the extra $0.25 from the other starting pay for other food areas? I work bakery, deli, meat, grocery on occasions, dairy (zoning), and Food Avenue - all without a single penny raise. Hell, they even cashier trained us so they can use us for backup, when they are specifically told not to. During the day, we get called out to do meaningless tasks because someone didn't show for work, but I always press that we cant because our dept is more active than dairy - thats why we are told to stay on the floor all the time... They dont care - its going to get carts, cover for a lunch, whatever they feel like. Then, since my schedule is jacked up and I cant stay longer due to running over, I get yelled at by my boss because a few little things were not completed. He doesn't accept the answer I give, and says that I need to tell off the ETL's - yah right. I think the last one I got yelled at was because our truck never came when we closed - it came sometime around 11pm, so all of produce was gone - then got yelled at some more because the overnight team put our bananas in the meat coolers - so they are ruined.

We just had a visit from regional, and this was the day after the truck never came, so the dept looked a little on the down side due to not having product. I can see why my TL was mad, but there was nothing I could do unless he payed me OT to stay and work nights, which I wouldnt mind.

That brings me to my TL - he is nice, whenever things are done to his liking. He is contradictory to himself some days, which is okay when it is in our favor. He cant order correctly, he orders too much of some things, too little of other things - This is due to the fact that he does not close like I do, he does not know what sells in the busy times of the day. He is only mornings, so he only sees what goes out in the morning. He needs to ask us what we see going out fast, what he can order less of, but no - he teaches someone in Deli to order for us who has only worked there for a few days. Great... Oh, he tried to call me and the other closer so that we could meet him at Target to discuss that close with no truck. We both didn't answer, I for sure was not coming into Target to get yelled at for something out of my control. I dont even know if he knows that the truck came after our shifts. We left a note stating that no truck had arrived, and that we were leaving. He blew past this note and started saying we did all these things that really didnt happen (just to make an argument) and that we should have been on the floor filling and such - WITH WHAT PRODUCT!? Sure, asking CIHYFS was fun all day, getting bitched at because we had no mangoes, and doing all the ETL's jobs that night, but he has nowhere to say that we should have been filling with no product...

Whats next, oh yes, some other people have said that Target doesnt fire people because of the paper work... so true. We had one guy that I witnessed destroy company property, take 4-5 breaks a day on a 6 hour shift, eat product, etc... I reported it to AP and my TL - what did they do? Nothing. This guy was with us for almost 2 years, I had had it. He ended up not showing up for work without notice, and they still didnt fire him after 5 no call no shows... That was bull.

Okay, our ETL's... They are nice people, I do give them that, they just make you do their job. I fill in for lunches when they are supposed to. I fill out paperwork for incoming trucks because they are supposed to, but do not know how to. They do not know anything about our dept, so asking them a question is out of the question - except for our Senior ETL, he knows just about everything in the store. He is probably the only other decent one, including one of our other food ETL's... The rest try to bribe you with food and such to extend your shift, come in early, do their work, etc... Its crazy. They do, however, talk to us and get things right. They are good for going to get a problem fixed that is not about a specific thing in our dept. Again, they are good people, they just cant help us much.

Our GSTL's are the most fun... oh boy are they something else. They must hire the rude ones for this position. They are on the cashiers for ANYTHING. It is crazy, they hound you down if you talk to anyone but our "guests," which is stupid. Its more fun when they venture off into other depts and start complaining about something to you, trying to talk to you like you are 2. I am glad I do not cashier, and I do not know how the cashiers can keep up with that. Just recently, I tried to obtain a recall slip notice from one of the GSTL's and her answer was "I do not have time to be printing off slips all day, you need to do that yourself" - Funny thing is, we cant. I was handed one slip by a GSTL and our TL lost it, then put that product out on the shelves. I went back to get another one, after pulling that product off the shelf, and that was the answer I got. I went to talk to an LOD about it, they too couldnt get one, they said to talk to our GSTL, I said I did that and got that comment back from her, the LOD just said that I needed to wait. This is stupid, I have salmonella infested canteloupe and they tell me to wait on holding it. I just wrote a note and the box that said that they were bad - guess what, found them back out of the shelf. I pulled them, then got told that I needed to have them out unless a notice was posted. Again - to the GSTL, they shrugged me off. I just threw the things away.

I guess being a trainer has its perks here and there. I get looked to for advice, I get to do some neat things, but I get bashed for being in a higher position. I get told that I get looked up to, which although is nice to hear, somehow constitutes his arguments for being more valid, for meaning more. My TL sees something wrong, he goes to me, saying this is wrong, he wants explanations, then somehow the conversation gets to how to team looks up to me and that I set a model for the dept - which is bull, I get worked like the rest of the TM's, but I just have to do more, which lands me in more hot water.

Lets go to our raises... yes, the best thing of the year. I received an "outstanding" review, which put me in the top category for raises... $0.40 - yay, a year of hard work, and I get the MOST from the dept - a whole $0.40 - I feel bad for the rest of the guys, some didn't get raises, yet work just as hard as I do.

That brings me to the next point - This is a good thing for some people, but this really ticks me off. I get credit for other peoples work. When something looks great, I am already looked to as the source. They congratulate me, saying that the dept looks amazing and such... Did they forget that the rest of my team was there that night? I guess so, I am still getting praise about how I know what needs to be done and such. Any time he would say that, say the apple table looks great, and I knew I didnt work apples that night, I would give credit where due. He would make a small comment like "Well he is catching on very quickly!" - the guy he was talking about has been doing the same grade of work for almost 5 months, he has always been a great worker, and just now is he getting some recognition, but not even good recognition - its that he is finally catching on to what the dept needs to look like. Then, he goes on to tell me that he wouldnt be the worker he is, but you trained him - which I did, but how hard is it to stack apples?

Alright, other departments need to get it through their head that we leave when we do because we work like there is no tomorrow. I get so many complaints from other departments, like softlines and green side... They are like "I wish I could leave at 9:45pm like you, its not fair you know - we have to zone all day and go for backup. You just have to stock salads and oranges... Nice, she failed to mention: Culling, cleaning, filling every little spot, cutting fruit, keeping logs to date of organic produce, backstocking the cooler, keeping dates recorded on every box of product in the cooler, pulling trucks, taking trash back, etc... sure, it doesnt sound hard, but you try doing it for a while... it gets frustrating.

So, yes - Target is a nice store to shop at, I like shopping there because it looks better... But the amount of suffering that goes on in that store is sad, makes me sick to see some of the things that go on. I only see what I see, I can only imagine what other depts take, but I know that some of the other depts see what we see, and they tell us we have the harder side of the job. Nice to know that we get a whole quarter more an hour starting pay...

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Date:July 15th, 2010 07:01 pm (UTC)

There are no standards,

I know exactly what you're talking about here. The produce department in my store actually has it pretty easy (relatively speaking) as they're generally left alone to work their own department.

That said, grocery is the highest grossing department in our store, and we will routinely have four team members on the floor the entire night (two in dry goods, one in produce, and usually myself for meat/dairy/frozen). We're already stretched thin since we don't get adequate coverage during the day, but none of the ETLs give ANY notice to grocery's zone, and routinely pull the entire team to zone their respective departments.

Last night, for instance, I was specifically told to work on a number of projects and to knock out a backlog of large pulls in addition to the zone, and was told an hour before closing that I was expected to thoroughly zone frozen and ALL of dry grocery, because they had pulled the rest of the department to help hardlines.

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