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"No complaints on how I worked, that they loved me there..." - Target Sucks

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October 1st, 2007

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01:24 am - "No complaints on how I worked, that they loved me there..."
 This was one LOD's saying to me. Turned out to be total BS!!!!

What happened was that during the firsy day of my training, some guest had complained about me and my "Hygiene!" I do not have bad hygeine. I thought it was some pissy guest with 'tude problems. Yeah, well, i got called in to the .... not GSTL, not LOD,  the higher up than that, office. It obviously went on my record, the complaint.  Well, last Wendsday, this guest came by again. And again, another complaint!  :(
This time I had to chat with one of the LODs in the bosses office. There was another LOD in there as a "Witness" i guess. 

Well, this past Friday, the 28th, at least a week before I got my second payday, I was called in right when it was my time to checkout for the night. Well, again, there was another complaint. I had to check out that guest earlier tonight. Well, the LOD was in the office, this time with the GSTL. And they terminated me. >:( They actually friggin' did it.... And all over staggered-althrough-my-employment-but-obviosuly-fake-reports!! Never once did they invesigate wether or not this guest was talking out of their ***!!!! I seriously think they fired me over something worse that they didn't tell me. Because while I had to talk to them about it, don't see why as they obviosuly had their minds all made up, they were actually glaring at me with hate and rage more severe then for a simple termination over hygiene or whatnot! I can't, for the life of me figure out what, because I did as if there was anything else said or done than the "hygiene" Fiasco. And they didn't tell me. If it was something that severe that they looked ready to strangle me, then what could it have been and if it was about stealing or anything, why didn't they call AP on me or anything?   

I seriously think they planned on firing me anyways, because last week, they hired a new cashier (Which was where I was working) And one of the cashiers, who was my trainer on my first day there, left Tuesaday back to Staples, because I overheard him talking and he said he was going to get his old job back. Then there was the matter that I started feeling uneasy at work for no reason. 

And Tuesday, at the end of the day, one of my supieors had me zone a section. And she asked me, like I was 2, "Do you how to Zone?" 

I was insulted and replied, 'Yes I do." I start zoning and she starts telling me how to zone, as if she ignored me when I said yes! needless, I didn't get upset or sass her, I just did what she put me to do.  Then later, she puts me in another zone to zone. And I am zoning, then she comes by with another worker. I hear her telling him, "I need someone that knows what they are doing." Acutally, hearing that hurt alot! And I am not exaggerating when those words were coming back to haunt me all of the way down the week! I'd be fixing Endcaps and stuff then I'd rember, "I need someone that knows what they are doing." It hurt, but i didn't let on at all. 

About the 10th, my glasses, as I was checking people out, fell off and broke. Not shattered, but then lens popped out. it happened just as the GSTL came by to relieve me for my break or lunch. I am ducked down, close to the floor. "Hold on," i said polietely. "My glasses just broke." 

"Can you see?" he asked. 

I kid you not! And hearing those worse wasn't the most mortifying part of it, either! It was the tone in his voice, a tone of morbid fascination! In the handbook for Target, it says not to ask a guest if they can or cannot function with or without apparatusus. I guess that rule concerned guests and not Team Members! I walked away for my break, feeling uncomfortable and like I could sink into the floor and never come out again! 

Well the day before my Axing, the GSTL gave me a look like like he wanted to strangle to heck out of me and throw me through one of the dry walls! I cant figure out why. I was doing my work and not mucking around. I got so jarred from that look, that I had to act like I was walking down from my register to patrol for guests that wnated to cehck their gear out. I stood away for a bit until I calmed down. And I managed to snag a guest for my register.  

And then, the day after was when I got Axed. 
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Date:March 15th, 2010 10:31 pm (UTC)


i am a gstl and your story sounds oddly familiar...
there once was a girl who worked only a few weeks as a cashier before she got axed! her hygeine WAS A PROBLEM! biggg problem. i do not know what the "higher ups" told her, if it was a guest or whom ever that noticed it.
But in my store it was everyone team members and guest alike...
i mean i think its common sense one guest didnt work every single day that u did...it was obv. everyone around you reporting ur...hygeine?
my conclusion is that she did in fact get axed because of her hygeine it was...shall i say overwhelming =/ something like onions roasting on an open fire lol ewk.
Date:March 16th, 2010 10:37 pm (UTC)

Re: wow

Well when this happened to me, my boss told me that is was acutally a guest that came in and complained. None of my co-workers didn't say anything. One of the women working there, or girl since it was a teen, didn't want to be friends with anyone. So if I had a problem, I really don't think she'd be hide the problem; She in fact would have been up in my face about it.

It was that 1 guest that complained. True report or not.... either way, it only took one.
Date:May 19th, 2010 12:57 am (UTC)

Re: wow

They wouldn't tell you if an employee said it anyways, they avoid mentioning who said what like the plague, to cover their ass.

So it very well could have been a co-worker that said something, but they said "guest" to cover their and the co-workers ass.

Be happy you got fired, definitely for the best, the company blows.
Date:May 19th, 2010 10:54 am (UTC)

Re: wow

Yes, I have to agree with you there. I wasn't too angry at getting fired. With the way I was treated before the hygiene incident, it definately was a blessing.

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