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I just have to get this out...I know I am not the only one who feels this way. - Target Sucks

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September 12th, 2007

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01:03 am - I just have to get this out...I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

I work at a Target store in my area. I have read the comments posted on various websites and I have a question, why is it that grown people think it is Targets fault that you can't keep up with your receipt? Why is it so difficult for people to request a gift receipt when they purchase a gift? How much do you THINK the Team Members at the Guest Service Desk make? Not enough to put up with all the drama and nonsense that they do, these people for the most part make less than $7.00 an hour. How much would you care? And by the way, we DON'T care that you worked in retail 20 years ago, don't tell us. Times have changed, I have been in retail for 10 years, and in ten years time I have noticed that it ALWAYS manages to be some employees fault that you can't keep up with YOUR stuff. You Guests are always so quick to tell us what we can and can't do for you...when did you start working at Target? I've been on other websites today and read some other comments, I would like to point out that when you have had an item for longer than 90 days and it has a warranty on it, that is actually your responsibility to call the manufacture not ours. The American public has gotten the idea that everything should be done for them. You say you want customer service, what you want is for us to do everything for you and have absolutely no policy at all. Do you understand how quickly technology changes? Three months is actually a very reasonable amount of time to return items to the store. You think we can wave a magic wand and make the computer accept your return, we can't. If you have made too many no receipt returns in a year, there isn't anything we can do for you, Corporate office will not give us an override for that. We are able to look up your receipt if you paid by Check, Credit, or Debit. You guys will also be real pissed if you have to make any kind of no receipt exchanges this year because the limit has dropped to $20. To the person who said that you can only get store credit with a gift receipt, what would you like us to do? Give you cash back? We don't know how the item was purchased or if it was even purchased (no offense). You say the managers are rude, do you know how many people like you we have to deal with everyday? People who are trying to get over with some old, broken item? You as a Guest should accept some responsibility for your own affairs. It is not Targets obligation to you to make sure that you keep up with your own stuff. If you have had it for 6 months and it breaks, just replace it and quit your belly aching. We DON'T make the policies, we just work there.

Let me share some else with you, if you wonder why we are always in a hurry and the cashier seems to rush you...that would be because we are trying to get the Guests in and out. The cashiers are scored on how quickly they can check you out and they are held accountable for you being slow. If you are paying with a Debit or Credit Card, just go and swipe the damn card. When you are paying with a Check, first of all, join the rest of us in 2007 and get a Debit Card, second if you don't have the money for it to come directly out your account, you shouldn't be buying it anyways and last but not least, if you MUST pay by check, have it ready to go so that we can all move on with our lives. You shouldn't hold the line up for that. If you are paying with Cash, have your money ready, stop digging in the bottom of that damn suitcase purse you carry for a quarter! Remember that when the lines are long over the Holidays and you are holding the line at any store that you go to...and you want Target to be the "bad guy" but FYI no store wants you holding up the line for that nonsense, the other customers/guests want you hurry up too so they can go home or wherever they are going. And don't get mad at us when it is 10 PM and we are closed and we want you buy your items and go. Some stores have to have the closing team stay and fold all the clothes that you left all over the place and pick up all the sh*t that your bad a** little kids threw all over the place. Can't you just look at the shirt on top of the pile and then neatly get the size you need? Why is it necessary to pull off every size and look at it, the same color and style, they all look the same people. It’s not rocket science but we aren’t the ones who need to be told that. I have worked cashier and I can assure you that those people do not get paid enough for everything they have to do!

I am not saying that Target is so wonderful or anything, to be honest I think they have some major issues....but the guests don't make it any better. We don't get paid enough to do all we do and to put up with everything we do.
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