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Hey, I recently started working at Target merely as a part time… - Target Sucks

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June 13th, 2006

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08:07 pm
Hey, I recently started working at Target merely as a part time summer job in between college semesters. I really don't mind what hours I have to work, since my home life actually kind of sucks, but holy crap, I have worked in retail before and also have had office jobs where I've gotten much better pay and have been treated much better! Unfortunately my area is hard pressed for jobs so I am stuck there, especially since I'm only working there for a month and a half. For those of you who have been there for a year or more, how do you do it?!

I mean, I've only been there for 4 days so far but I already see how they try to work you to death for such low pay, I mean come on, $6.75 an hour (they refused to give me the .25 more per hour that I wanted)? And it's like they don't even care if I'm there. I show up and everyone is so surprised to see me, and wonder if I'm training today. Guess how that makes ME feel? Not needed or important. Not good to do to your employees, they won't care about their job! And I work in Electronics...now, I have knowledge to some extent of Electronics, but 1. I don't care about electronics 2. I don't have massive knowledge about all of the specs of every single product. And to even fill my brain half full of all of that info, I feel like I should be getting paid a lot more to be some sort of specialist. The people who hired me assumed that because I worked at a Coconuts for a year and a half, FIVE years ago, I must know everything. They don't realize I hated that job and you could get away with murder in that store. And the training for that department is piss-poor. I hardly know how to answer any question a customer has about any product besides iPods and videogame consoles, and not a single soul I work with in that dept has much more knowledge than I do.

And the Target cards? HAHAHA HAHAHA hahahaha. For $6.75 an hour I really don't care if customers sign up for the stupid thing. I love how it annoys people who work there that I only ask people who make purchases of $50+.

There are many other things that I already see as completely asinine. God forbid I can't get reshop done in 3 minutes. Same with not being able to ask the 15 customers perusing the aisles, "Can I help you find something?" And I don't even WANT to ask them because of my lack of electronics knowledge. Oh and it's nice that the TL runs off for 15 minutes with the only walkie we have and then a customer needs help and I can't find him or call him. Customers being stupid though, I already expected that. It's almost like I'm playing a race with Target over whether I will quit or be fired before my 90 days is up! It's too bad, I wanted a job I could work at when I come home from college breaks and it looks like I'm SOL with this one (I just simply refuse to waste more than a month and a half there).

Also, it's really nice that they expect me to cover about half the store despite that they hired me specifically as sales floor in Electronics. Fast, fun and friendly MY ASS.

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Date:December 8th, 2007 08:09 pm (UTC)

TGT uses up people

I've been at Target for over 7 years now, & have noticed major changes for the worst in the last 2. Yes, they will work you to death & the most you can receive as an annual raise is 55 cents! And that is if they think you you are perfect! Target "expects more & pays less" than other retailers. I'm surprised there hasn't been more bad press about the company. WalMart seems to be cleaning up their act. Perhaps the attention should be on Target next.
Date:December 9th, 2007 04:04 am (UTC)

Re: TGT uses up people

That's a pretty sad raise! Especially for all the crap you have to do. I'm still stumped how they have a job as specified and needing knowledgeable people such as electronics and they don't train the employees whatsoever to work there. Then, at my local Target, the bosses complained how the employees were 'too dumb' to do their jobs right. It was always the bosses vs. the 'little people' there. I too am more surprised there isn't bad press about Target, people are still way too focused on Wal-Mart, as if Wal-Mart is the only bad company out there (my local one was pretty bad as well as that Target). I'm surprised that both stores in my area treat their employees so badly, because there's many other retail and grocers that hire in my area.

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