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I am so majorly annoyed with my Target store right now (#2015):… - Target Sucks

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June 8th, 2006

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02:08 pm
I am so majorly annoyed with my Target store right now (#2015):

We've had like 5 or 6 people quit recently, so we are a little under staffed.  The only good thing about that is that I have been able to get right around 40 hours a week for the past couple of weeks.   So sunday and Monday nights last week, I closed.  One of the nights, I was working in Softlines, because I picked up a shift.  Well, due to the lack of people (hardlines only had two closers, they moved me into electronics for the night).  I actually didnt mind because electronics is my favorite place to work in the store.     On monday, I was already shceduled in electroncs and we only had 3 people closing in hardlines and 4 in softlines.  It was a busy night as well and we didnt even get out until almost midnight.

Two nights in a row, we only had 3 people closing in hardlines, and it was incrediably busy and we were there like ALL night.  

Also,  we are so understaffed, yet the only way for me to get close to 40 hours is to take cashier, cart attendant and operator shifts as well.   And it sucks because most of the shifts are  closers.

I hate one of our GSTLs.  Among other things, he steals peoples bullseyes.  A cashier will be ringing up a guest and he will come over and ask them if they want to save 10% and then he gets credit for it instead of the cashier.  He also has been known to lie to the guests to get them to sign up.  And he won't stop bothering them.  most of the red cards he gets are probably because he keeps annoying them about it so they just give in because they dont want to hear it anymore.  This one night, a guest service employee told me he lied to a guest because he  didnt want to have to deal with the situation.

I don't know if the problem has been fixed or not but within the past two months, the person who puts  our bikes together has been slaking off more than a little on the job.  The funny thing is, the same guy builds bikes for local wal-marts, meijer, k-mart and other targets.  It came to my attention (our ETL's already knew about it) when a guest told me he wanted to buy a bike for his son and he checked every store listed above in the area and all the bikes were put together poorly.   Like I said, I don't know if  the problem was fixed or not.


Are you guys as annoyed about people asking for those stupid damn Cars dicast cars in the back room?  I'm so sick of it.  It's just another stupid disney movie (I hate disney.  they can't even make their own movies anymore, they had to buy pixar).  People revolve their lives around a stupid kids movie that is just another lame attempt by disney to make more money (because thats all they care about.  why else would they make so many stupid sequels and only have movies on dvd for a "limited time".   But anyhow, I'm so sick of people asking for Cars merchandise.

There is this one guy, I actually know exactly who he is.  He owns a comic book shop that is fairly close to the store.  He calls almost every day to ask if we have any new Star Wars merchandise.  We've told him  multiple times to stop calling and that we are not going to look in the back for him, but yet he keeps calling.  Remember when that special edition Star Wars toy was coming out because of "episode III"?  Yeah he (and a couple other people working for him) tried to bribe employees to sell it to them from the back room even though they werent street date yet. HE even somehow got the DPCI for it so they knew that we had it in the back because of the stupid little scanner things.  I know all he wants to do is put them up on Ebay so that he can make money off of them.    One of the team leads at my store, Matt C, who works at a different better comic shop got into a fight with him because he would not tell him who he bought some Hero Clix  figures from on Ebay because he wanted to report the guy  or something like that.  All i know that  he is an annoying fat fuck and I refuse to go to his comic book shop.  

We have these people come into the store at 8am almost every day looking for Hot Wheels cars (Because they collect them?).
  Who collects hot wheels cars? and who comes into Target everyday bright and early to look for hot wheels cars?  and they always leave the area a mess.  Sometimes I just don't understand people.

Yesterday was actually kind of funny though.  One of the GSTL's used the last GSTL breakout sheet without photocopying it.   I told the GSTL how much of an expert I am in Excel and she asked me to make her a new and improved better looking one.  So for about an half hour, I was on one of the computers in the office making up a new breakout sheet.  I'd post what it looks like if i had a copy on me.  But it is a lot better than the original.

Whew...Sorry about that.  I just had to let off some steam.  I close again tonight (for the 13th day in a row).   I work Hardlines, Electronics, Softlines, Operator / Fitting rooms, Cashier, Guest service, and cart attendant.
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Date:June 13th, 2006 11:32 pm (UTC)
I have worked at Target for only 4 days now (summer help, I'm in college) yet, those customers who need everything that goes along with the Cars movie, I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Oh my god I'm so sick of people asking every hour if the Playstation game is in, sometimes the same people came in every single day asking about it. IT IS NOT OUT YET GET OVER IT. And then they look at me like I have 2 heads, like I'm supposed to pull it out of my butt for them. *sigh* Yes, I work in Electronics haha.
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Date:September 12th, 2007 05:47 am (UTC)

Guests Suck Most Times....

I realize that when you come into a store and you are dealing with someone who works in Retail, particularly a cashier, you think that we are all uneducated and beneath you. I wonder what makes you think this? Some of us are working our way through college. Not everyone has the benefit of going to school full time and getting everything handed to them. I would like to point out that while you sit at a desk all day and type on a keyboard, we stand on our feet for around 7 hours a day and we have to deal with you people. We have to put up with those of you who don’t bother to take a bath before you come to the store, we have to deal with those of you who ate an extreme amount of onions for lunch or dinner, we have to deal with you talking on your cell phone and not paying us in a timely fashion, we have to deal with you being impatient with the lines, we have to deal with your coupons, working on holidays, nights, weekends and your endless nonsense over a freaking fifty cent price discrepancy. I also would like to add that if you bring us $100 worth of merchandise and you only have $50, there is a problem with that and it isn’t with our attitudes.
You are not better than us just because we work in retail. I at least take a shower and put on clean clothes before I go to the store. I cannot express to you how disgusting it is to have someone come through your line who seems like they haven’t bathed all weekend. I cannot express to you how frustrating it is when your child is SCREAMING at the top of their lungs because they want a toy, and here’s the kicker…you buy it for them rather than say no. You complain about the bathrooms being a mess, here’s an idea don’t throw paper towels all over the floor, don’t defecate on the floor, don’t urinate on the floor or the toilet seat, and don’t throw paper towels in the toilet. Do you act this way at home? If so I would hate to see your bathroom, that is nasty. Do you know who has to clean that stuff up? The employees do because oddly enough the magic fairies don’t come out and do it for us. After you do all of this and we have to shut the bathroom down to clean it, don’t get angry at us, we didn’t make the mess.
If you see an incorrect tag on the shelf or you pick up the one item that is in the wrong place, don’t get angry at us and act as if we did it on purpose. The customers leave items all over the store when they change their minds. When you think an item is $2.45 and it rings up $2.55, suck it up and pay the damn ten cents. I have been in retail a long time and I can assure that you make the holidays miserable for everyone of us. This is a capitalist nation and I am thankful to the consumer for all they do for the economy and making it possible for me to pay my bills but do you have to be so hateful to us? Especially around Christmas? Remember that we are the ones working. We have to work long hours and be away from our families to service you, don’t go out of your way to take out your frustration on us. I don’t even like Christmas anymore, everyone is so caught up in the gifts that they lose sight of what is really meant to be celebrated. I cannot believe how miserable people are around Christmas. Your attitude makes us miserable. You wonder why we act the way that we do? Can you really wonder?

Sorry I had to get that off my chest...I get so sick of people acting the way they do in the store. I have a whole thing about Guest Service too.

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